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Online Giving Through ChurchApp Donate
Online regular giving or one-off donations, all through your church website.

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Online church giving through ChurchApp Donate

Customise the look and feel of your online giving system

The simplest church online donation system for UK churches

Regular Giving

Church members can set up their regular giving through your website using ChurchApp Donate

Want a webpage where your church members can quickly and easily set up their regular giving to your church online? With ChurchApp Donate, your church can now quickly and easily set up their regular giving through our simple and elegant system.

One-Off Donations

Let your church members make one-off donations through your church website using ChurchApp Donate

Whether givers want to make a one-off donation to your church's regular funds or to a special offering, ChurchApp Donate makes one-off donations a breeze. We believe in making it easy for your church members to give!

Allocated Giving

With ChurchApp Donate, your church givers can select which of your funds they want to donate money to.

If you have set up funds in ChurchApp, givers can select which fund they want their gift to be given towards. This way, you know whether they were giving to your general church budget, the building fund, or a specific mission project.

Gift Aid Declarations

Manage your church's gift aid declarations through the ChurchApp giving and donations management module

When giving through ChurchApp Donate, all givers need to do is tick a box to raise the value of their donation by 25%. In fact, their gift aid declaration will then apply to all future donations into that fund as well. Next time you want ChurchApp to prepare a gift aid reclaim, it will all be ready.

Links Into ChurchApp

ChurchApp Donate links in to ChurchApp to make online giving quick, effortless and easy.

ChurchApp Donate links into the Address Book module to make it even quicker for church members to donate. It links into the Giving module for gift aid, building the giver profile and funds. If you are using ChurchApp you will want to use ChurchApp Donate!

Low Transaction Fees

ChurchApp Donate links in to ChurchApp to make online giving quick, effortless and easy.

ChurchApp Donate lets you take online donations from a super low 2% transaction fee (capped at £4) and there's no setup fee or no minimum charge! Whether you're taking Direct Debit or card donations, this is how online donations were meant to work.

Beautiful buttons

Invite donations on your church website using beautiful Donate buttons

We have prepared a suite of beautiful, well designed buttons that you can use to invite people to give to your church. Choose the colour that best suits your church.

And if you'd rather use your own button, then that is no problem either - ChurchApp Donate gives you the freedom to go with what works best for your church.

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