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Rotas - My ChurchApp
Let church members see when they're due to serve and efficiently organise swaps!

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Church rota software for church members - My ChurchApp

View your serving rotas

Church members can view their rota serving schedule in My ChurchApp

Help your church members to show up when it's their turn to serve! My ChurchApp makes checking the rota to see when it's their turn simple, quick and easy.

See who's serving

Church members can see who's serving with them on a rota in My ChurchApp

Empower your church serving teams to operate more efficiently and effectively by letting church members see who they're serving with. This can also help to foster community in your church.

Arrange rota swaps

Church members can arrange rota swaps through My ChurchApp

Encourage your church members to take responsibility by making it easy to arrange swaps. Easy rota swapping lowers the perceived hurdles and encourages church members to give serving a go - despite a busy diary! 

Rotas overview

Get an overview of all the service team rotas on any given date

Get an overview of all your serving teams on any given date - keep everyone in the loop with what's happening and who's doing what.

Better team communication

Stay in touch, and keep team members informed.

Communicate directly with rota or ministry members with 'closed group' communications. Then choose to have replies directed just to yourself or to the whole team.

Serving reminders with iCal feeds

Never miss a serving commitment again with helpful iCal feeds for your favourite calendar application with reminders

Give your serving team members helpful reminders so they never forget a serving commitment with helpful iCal feeds for their favourite calendar applications.

My ChurchApp is a multi-lingual church members system that supports European languages like English, German - Deutsch, French - Francais, Dutch

As the member-facing part of your church software, it's important church members can use it in their language. My ChurchApp is available in English, German, Dutch, French and Slovak.

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